Character Animation

Grey Lydon

a few kinds of companies that hire are film and video production studios, advertising agencies, public relations firms, software publishers, computer systems design firms, graphic design firms, game design firms, web design firms, and at colleges and universities.

education required is a 4 year degree

the waige ranges from $61,370 a year to $113,470 a year

no work or education experience is required, but it will make it much easier

you must know how to use one or more of the following efficiently: MotionBuilder 3D, Flash Professional, LightWave, Maya and other programs.

Character animators work with sound engineers to make sure movements are in harmony with sound, and they work with clients to help pitch ideas and develop concepts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a hefty 57 percent of animators were self-employed in 2012. This is the most recent figure for self-employed animators. These professionals, not just the self-employed, often work from home. Others work at film, animation or video game production studios, cartoon networks, advertising agencies, web design firms, graphic design firms, and mobile technology companies. Some work in office settings.

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