some infinities are smaller than other infinites. for example, the amount of integers there are is smaller than the amount of decimals there are. this list of infinities is represented by an aleph. (ℵ) ℵ0 is called aleph null. it is the smallest inifinity. this is every whole number in existance. ℵ1 is called aleph one. this infinity is literally bigger than ℵ0. every ℵ's subscript means there is one less that is smaller. ℵ0 has no infinities smaller than it, ℵ1 has one that is smaller than it, ℵ2 has two that are smaller than it, so then... how many infinities does ℵ and so on and so on... have before it? its just the same. there are infinite infinities after an infinity to an infinite infinity.